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Hello and welcome to the E-Stim Systems Information Portal.

We have tried to collate all the information on E-Stim from various locations and bring it all into one easy to use website. We have been working in the E-Stim community since 2004, so we have a lot of useful information available, and hopefully this portal will make it easier to access for all.

The site is split into several sections



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Manuals cover product manuals. We are gradually moving over to online motre interactive manuals as this allows us to provide more and better content without the limitations of a paper format, as well as giving the options for online translations. 




Instructions give details on how to perform some activities such as cleaning an electrode. Instructions tend to be more generalised than Manuals.



Commander is for users of the PC/Mac control software for our E-Stim Systems 2B and the Digital Link system. Commander 4 is available for users of the Beta Firmware. Commander allows you to record and playback Session Files.



UpLink is the Firmware update system for the E-Stim Systems 2B. It is only available as part of the Digital Link System.



The Downloads page is for general file downloads.



The Glossary is a list of common terms used in the E-Stim community together with their explanations.



Video Help

We also now have a growing YouTube Channel with new information and how to videos being posted on a regular basis. you can find our YouTube channel at



Bored in the car or at work? why not have a listen to our new podcast - I make Sex Toys. Available to listen to in all the major podcast players.

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Need more help?

Well you could visit any of our online stores and use our online chat facility, drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or pay a visit to our active user support forum at You can also call us during office hours on +44 (0) 1923 226494, but please remember we are based in the UK and around from 10am to 5pm GMT/BST.


Looking to purchase from us

If you are looking to purchase any E-Stim Systems equipment then simply visit our

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 We also have a UK and EU stockist list for customers in the UK and European Union.