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Commander 3 and Commander 4 are the programs that allows you to control your 2B from a Windows PC or Mac, as well as record and playback your play 'sessions' though the 2B. If you are looking to control a 2B remotely, over the internet then you will need E-Stim Connect.

Commander 3 is for any E-Stim systems 2B running firmware upto 2.106. if you are running a Betas firmware then you need to use Commander 4. More details can be found on our forum



UpLink is available when purchasing the 2B Digital Link Interface, The 2B Connect Pack or the 2B Accessory Pack. Uplink is supplied on a USB stick and is not available for separate download. If you have lost your USB stick then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance. The current Versions of UpLink are Version 2.1 for 32-bit systems and 2.3 for 64-bit systems.


2B Firmware

2B closeupFirmware is the code installed inside the 2B which controls the 2B. All E-Stim System 2B are shipped from our workshops with the most up to date versions of firmware available at the time of shipping, but we also have Beta firmware for you to try if you want to become cutting edge, and if you really want to live on the sharp edge, then why not consider joining our developers forum at and get access to the very latest beta versions.

In order to upload firmware to your 2B, you will  UPLink is the program that downloads the firmware to your 2B. UPLink is not currently available as a digital download, but is available to purchase as part of our E-Stim System Digital Link, 2B Bonus Pack and 2B Accessory pack



If you have an older 2B (before 2.104) then you might need to update the Bootloader. the Bootloader is the small program that sits inside a 2B that allows you to download the Firmware onto the 2B. We don't often change the bootloader so it is unlikely you will need the code unless you are updating a very old 2B. Instructions on how to install the Bootloader can be found here.


Digital Link Drivers

USB IconIf you have issues with installing the E-Stim Systems Digital Link interface, then you might need up to date drivers. Most modern operating systems (Win OS 10 and Mac High Sierra and above should automatically see and install the drivers for the Digital Link interface, but we are including them below for you to download if you have any issues.



Click on the links below for more information and for the installation files for MacOS, Windows and Linux.