E-Stim Audio Files

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For E-Stim Systems Power Units designed to work with audio files.

Getting the best from your 2B™ or ABox™

Sounds simple doesn't it? Plug in your MP3 player, or some funny sounding CD's, or just shout at the box (switching the microphone on of course) and wait for the fun to begin. It can be as simple as that. But in fact the both the 2B and the ABox offer more than just sound zapping from music or audio.

As well as playing regular audio tracks through your unit is it possible to use more specialised tonal files using various software (Audacity, Goldwave), and use these to drive your unit. They work very well, but are purely designed for driving the 2B and the ABox, and not for listening to. Some of our users who have taken the time to create such files have been kind enough to allow us to post them here.

Each zip file contains standard MP3 files, and has been compressed to save space. Simply right click on the file name and save locally to you hard disc, before using the various unzipping software to uncompress .zip file. You are then free to play the files through your Media Player.

We have taken the time to scan all the files available here with the latest virus scanners, but we strongly recommend you virus scan all the files downloaded before you open them.

If you have similar files that you have created and you would like to give us permission to offer then here please drop us an email. More files have been posted on our User Support forum.


 File  Notes
 Audio1.Zip This download contains 13 tone tracks previously available on CD with our ABox and 2B power units, and now available as a download.
Tracks included are:- BiPresence, BiSqueeze, Warped Harmony, Warped, Warped Presence, Harmony, Shifted Presence, Presence, Rev Squeeze, Squeeze, Phased Alarm, Experiment 49 and Phased Noise.
Audio2.Zip   A collection of 8 more tracks to give you some extra fun.
Tracks included are:- Alarm, Phased Alarm, Stim095-quart, Stim11, Stim4 Low, Stim52, Stim66 and Stim78. (Thanks to forgeuk for the Stim titled files)