Using the Session Player (PC)

Category: Commander

The Session Player allows you to play back a Session you have previously recorded, or play sessions recorded by others.

 The Session Player is only available once you have connected Commander to a 2B. and is accessible via the drop down Menu

session player menu

once you have selected the session Player you should see the Session Player screen

session player screen

From Left to right the controls are


Loads a session file. Opens a dialogue to allow you to select the session file to be played. Will automatically load the file selected and reset to the start of the file. Once loaded, press 'Play' to start.


Restarts the playback of the session file to the start of the Session.


Stops the playback of the session file, dropping the outputs to zero. To restart hit play.


Starts the playback of a session file.


Temporarily stop the playback of a session file, but does not change the outputs. Click on the Play button to continue


Jump to the next command change, without waiting. Only operational when playing a session.

The Status Display

The status line gives detail on the name of the file loaded, the position in the file, the current command being executed, and the next command.


Session Files

Session files are ASCII text files with a .csf extension. Each line is a command, with a delay in seconds before the command is processed allowing you to recreate an entire session from a connected PC.

So a typical session file would look like

0.2 M0
0.2 L
0.2 A0
0.2 B0
0.2 C73
0.2 D71
1 A5
1 A6
1 A7
1 A8
1 A9
1 A10

Running this session file will set Mode 0 (Pulse), Low Power, Channels All Zero, C Value set to 73 D Value Set to 71, then the A Channel Level will rise from 5% to 10% over 5 seconds.