Using the Session Recorder (Mac)

Category: Commander 4

The Session Recorder

Commander now features the ability to record 'sessions' to a file on your computer, allowing playback and sharing.

The record system records all changes to level and settings made via Commander. If you make a change on the controls of the 2B they will not be picked up on the Session Recorder system.



This will start the recording, once you have selected a file to record to.

save session

Select a file to save the session to, using the standard Mac save file dialog. Once the Session Recorder is operating you will see 'RECORD' in the status line

record status

The session is now being recorded. Data is only being written to the file when you make a change to a control, as it is the change that is being recorded. All adjustments you make via the controls on Commander 3 are being recorded to the session file. The time between each change is also recorded,so playing back each session will result in identical adjustments to the controls being made.

Adjustments made via the 2B itself are not recorded.

Other controls are


This will end the recording and automatically drop the outputs to zero.


The Pause control stops recording to the session file. any changes made while the Session Recorder is in pause mode will not be recorded. When the Session Recorder is in pause mode you will see 'Paused' in the status line

record paused

Once you have decided to finish your session all you need to do it press the stop button. The file is automatically saved.


Playback occurs via the playback window which can be found under File - > Session Player

More details can be found Instructions on how to use the Session Player.