ElectroRing System Stacker

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stacker title

What is it?

The Stacker. A tiny little magical block that extents the use of the ElectroRing System. Each Stacker allows you to add an extra ElectroRing, but still maintains the electrical isolation, giving you more points of contact to choose from.

How to Use

RingBlockAssemble the ElectroRing System as usual, with a Larger ElectroRing and the standard (or extended) spacer block. 

ringstackerringNow instead of using the two knurled screws used to normally secure the front ring, Add an ElectroRing and the Stacker Block.

Align the exposed screws with the holes in the ElectroRing, and rotate each knurled knob in the Stacker around 1/2-1 turns, Turn one knob then the other to tighten the stacker down on to the ElectroRing.

Rotate the Knobs

If you turn the knobs too much, or you try to tighten one knob more than the other then you can jam the Stacker, if this occurs just turn the knobs in the opposite direction to release the tension.

Once the Stacker is holding the ElectroRing, position the next ElectroRing on the top of the Stacker, and use the normal knurled screws to attach. If you want to add more ElectroRings, then add a second Stacker instead.


Multiple Stackers can be used, one Stacker is required for each additional ElectroRing used. 

two stackers

Multiple ElectroRings and Stackers will create a structure that will flex slightly. Do not put abnormal pressure on the stacker blocks as they may break if forced. 

It is not possible to stack stackers without using a ElectroRing, and the last or ‘front ElectroRing’ will need to be secured with the two standard screws from the Accessory Pack.

How to Disassemble

To Disassemble the ElectroRings and the Stacker(s), Simply reverse the assembly process. 

To Clean

It is possible to disassemble the Stacker for cleaning.

Remove from any ElectroRing and unscrew the 3 cross head screws. No NOT loose them!!

stacker top

The top and bottom sections can then be separated and the knurled screws removed. 

stacker knobs

The separated parts can now be cleaned.


stacker parts

Note the knurled screws in the Stacker are longer than those supplied in the standard ElectroRing Accessory Pack - do not get them confused, the standard ElectroRing Accessory Pack retention screws will not work in the Stacker.

Re assembly is a reverse of the disassembly process. Insert the two knurled screws into the shouldered base plate with the 3 brass coloured inserts uppermost,  place the top plate (the plate with the two brass inserts) uppermost, on top and then screw together with the 3 cross head screws.